School visits to Rainham Hall

Visitors can learn about eighteenth century handwriting

Reinforce your classroom work with a visit to Rainham Hall. Whether you’re exploring the eighteenth century Hall or hunting for plants in the garden, our cross-curricular workshops offer engaging and hands-on experiences to support your pupils’ learning. Get in touch for more information or to organise your school visit.

At Rainham Hall we offer a range of workshops for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils, and welcome enquiries from all educational groups. Taught sessions are led by experienced facilitators who support active learning and encourage deeper understanding of topics through exploration of, and engagement with, Rainham Hall and the garden. Sessions are designed to support national curriculum subjects including history, science, art and geography.

All sessions run for 1½ hours and can accommodate up to 30 children and accompanying adults. 

You are also welcome to bring your classes on self-led visits to the Hall.

Please note that due to the size of the property all visits, facilitated or self-led, must be booked in advance.

Schools can benefit from Education Group Membership (EGM). Currently between £43.25 and £137 per year (depending on school size), Education Group Membership entitles your school to free admission to Rainham Hall and most other National Trust properties. Education Group Membership can be taken out on the day of your visit.

Our school visit costs are:

·         Facilitated session with EGM - £2 per child

·         Facilitated session without EGM - £2 per child plus normal entrance fee (£3 per child and £6 per adult)

·         Self-led session with EGM – no additional cost

·         Self-led session without EGM – normal entrance fee (£3 per child and £6 per adult)

School groups in London can travel to Rainham Hall for free. For more information visit and search for Transport for London School Party Travel Scheme.

To find out more about visiting Rainham Hall with your school please contact Sally Parker