'Goodnight Children Everywhere': Textile exhibition by The Material Girls

During September 2017, local art collective The Material Girls brought another exhibition to the Hayloft, entitled 'Goodnight Children Everywhere'. Please note this is a past event.

The textile art installation featured pieces inspired by our 'Remembering the Day Nursery' exhibition. 

Based on the borders of Essex and East London, the Material Girls have been exhibiting together for over a decade. Revelling in their differences, this group strives to present the very best of technique and concept to create awareness of the wonderful diversity to be found in the world of textile art.

The Material Girls have been collaborating with Rainham Hall on creative projects since 2015, producing engaging and intriguing artistic responses as part of a wider exhibition programme. For this installation, they created pieces in response to our exhibition about the state-run war-time nursery which operated at Rainham Hall between 1943-1954.