Frost Fayre Winter 2016

2 people shopping at a market

In 2016, we re-imagined the wintry tradition of an eighteenth century Frost Fayre at Rainham Hall to kick off our Christmas celebrations. Please note this is a past event.

The Frost Fayres were an eighteenth century tradition that original owner of Rainham Hall, John Harle, would have partaken in during his time living in London.

There were times during Captain Harle’s lifetime when temperatures would plummet and the Thames would freeze. Trade and transport in certain parts of the river would cease, so you would expect life to be very difficult. But Londoners found a way to make the most of the weather. Frost Fayres would pop up on the ice and Londoners would enjoy games, gambling, temporary taverns, tradesmen selling their wares, food, and lots of entertainment.

Unfortunately we couldn’t freeze the Rainham Creek so over the weekend of 26 and 27 November 2016, we re-imagined the tradition in the Courtyard and Stables at Rainham Hall. We hosted stalls selling gifts, food, and Christmas treats accompanied with entertainment and merriment.