Getting married at Rowallane Garden


The garden provides a unique and intimate venue for your special day. We think it's the perfect romantic setting for your wedding, surrounded by the colourful, captivating shrubs and flowers that release delightful fragrances and present a magnificent display.

Our aim is for everyone to have an unforgettable day at Rowallane Garden and we'll do everything possible to make your wedding day memorable. Rowallane Garden, with its rich heritage, offers couples an exceptional place of enchanting beauty and serenity in which to exchange your wedding vows.

Toast your marriage in the shelter of our Stable Yard, and dress with your floral creations. It is a fabulous location with some unique and interesting features which include a Victorian water pump and a Bell Tower which adds a romantic backdrop for your special day. 

Wedding photography

Rowallane is an ideal location for your wedding photography, The 19th century walled garden, house, courtyard and bandstand make a fantastic backdrop, for your once in a lifetime memory.

Rowallane is a garden for all seasons

The garden, with its spectacular and outstanding natural landscape, can be enjoyed and admired all year round. The world renowned rhododendron collection, magnolia trees and spring time bulbs give a stunning display early in the year. In mid-summer the walled garden is in full bloom and summer flowering shrubs and roses provide a magnificent backdrop for the ceremony. In autumn, the garden changes into a wonderful rich colourful palette of golden browns, scarlet reds and yellows which adds a stylish look to the occasion.So whatever time of the year you choose, Rowallane Garden will surprise and delight both you and your guests and provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

Rowallane Garden is a special place to hold and celebrate a special occasion. Come along and visit this unique and romantic garden to see how enchanting and beautiful Rowallane really is. Or to find out more please contact us via email.