New years resolutions Rowallane Garden can inspire.

Hugh Armytage Moore

Did you know that Hugh Armytage Moore helped to develop the garden you see today, which was passed to him from his uncle, the Reverend John Moore. Hugh established relationships with many seedsmen and botanical gardens throughout the world to develop his garden, and as a result, it features plants and trees from North and South America, Japan, China, Tibet and New Zealand among other places. This inspiring story of how developing connections with other people and places can lead to wonderful things, we would like to inspire you to stick to your New Year's resolutions in the same way that Hugh was inspired to stick to his passion and create Rowallane Garden and its spectacular collection of plants., explore, learn new things and help our cause.

What's your resolution this year? Maybe it's to do something different with your spare time - volunteering or perhaps you're aiming to get fit this year through walking, or even just to ditch the gym pass in favor of the great outdoors or simply learn something new, well this January we can help you on your way.

Learn Something New-

2017 can be a year that inspires your mind and body, at Rowallane Garden we have that covered. We are running a Demo where you can come along and to our Cafe and learn the art of traditional griddle bread making. At this time of year, there's nothing more homely than some griddle bread making. So what are you waiting for come along to our Cafe 27 January 14:00 - 16:00 and have a sample.


We all can often overindulge over the festive season. Take a mince pie; sure they are delicious but are often forced upon us by relatives and co- workers, this makes eating them hard to avoid.  Can you believe that the average mince pie has 289 calories! A brisk 15-minute walk around our woodland walk will help you burn off two mince pies and a walk around our entire garden would burn off 570 Calories. The Calories could be limitless as our Garden is free to roam. Why not pick up our winter walk to keep your mind occupied while your legs do the work, so pop along and see how far your legs can take you. 

Be sure to put on your wellies boots to explore our entire garden.
Wellies boots
Be sure to put on your wellies boots to explore our entire garden.

Voluntary Work-

For those who have made a new years resolution to do some voluntary work, our Garden Volunteers can work with our gardening team to make our garden look in ship-shape for the all year round; you could be preparing beds in our magnificent walled garden or help cut wildflower in our Old Wood. Every day is a new challenge, helping our cause and learning new skills is just part of the benefits. You also get loads of fresh air, can keep fit and healthy, get your hands dirty and enjoy the great outdoors and make new friends along the way with plenty of cup of tea – it tastes better after all that fresh air. For more info on voluntary work at Rowallane Garden, please visit.     

Volunteering at Rowallane is a fun way Make friends
Volunteering at Rowallane is a fun way to make friends
Volunteering at Rowallane is a fun way Make friends

So if the January blues hit you this year, when you can come and feel inspired to walk, explore, learn new things and help our conservation of beautiful places, like Rowallane Garden.