Ghosts and Gourds Spooktacular

Join us at Rowallane Garden on 19 – 20 October between 11am – 4pm for our Ghosts and Gourds Spooktacular! See the garden come to life with mystical and magical myths inspired by local folklore. Bring the whole family along for some good old-fashioned, eerie fun.

Ghosts and Gourds

Halloween is approaching, the nights are getting colder, darker and longer. At Rowallane Garden there is a strange feeling in the air. A feeling that you are being watched, by someone, or something….

Ancient Druids have been spotted in the garden. They believe in forming a spiritual connection with nature. The vast array of trees and plants on display make the garden an ideal place for them to pay a visit. They have been practicing old magic in the woodland in search of sacred knowledge. As a result, portals into another world have started to open. Portals into a world known in Irish mythology as the Otherworld. A world in which you might find creatures of the night.

According to Celtic myths, the Otherworld is considered the abode of fairies, monsters, and the dead. This world is usually hidden from mortal eyes but with the presence of Druids in the garden and Halloween drawing closer, the barriers between our world and theirs has weakened allowing these creatures to cross over.

There have been some ghostly goings on recently. Several of our gardeners have vanished without a trace! From mischievous leprechauns to hungry werewolves, wailing banshees and towering tree people, you never know what awaits you around every corner.

If all that wasn’t spooky enough, witches have been drawn to the area. They can feel the supernatural energy in the air and it was just too good to resist! They are no doubt collecting magical ingredients to help with their spells and potions. It is commonly believed that when a portal has opened the magical qualities in plants become even more powerful and so witches are never far behind!

Are you brave enough to journey into the woods and discover the ghastly folk from the Otherworld? Can you solve the clues that will lead you to safety? Take the Magical and Mystical Folklore trail and prepare to let imagination run wild! Or let Firepoise entertain you with fire dancers, jugglers and other fiery things.

If you find yourself too scared, then join us in the Stableyard and carve out a pumpkin to keep the supernatural creatures at bay. The Gaels of Ireland would have carved lanterns to scare off goblins lurking in the night. Masks and costumes were worn to blend in with, and pacify any beings preparing to pounce. Join in the Halloween fun and take part in this spooky tradition!

Normal Admission. Members Free

Additional cost for Magical and Mystical Folklore trail and Pumpkin Carving.