Interested in volunteering with us?

Putting in a new gate in South Devon

We're always looking for people to come and help us with our ongoing work around Salcombe and Hope Cove. Whether you're green-fingered or a DIY expert, there are lots of volunteer roles on offer.


Hedgelaying is a traditional method of maintaining and regenerating hedgerows. This helps prolong the life of the hedge, create a stock proof boundary as well as improving wildlife habitat. 

Scrub bashing

Cattle and sheep alone are insufficient in keeping the grassland open and vibrant. Scrub is always trying to replace natural grassland which provides an important home to hundreds of grasses, flowers and insects and food for smaller mammals. 


Coppicing is the process of cutting trees down, allowing the stumps to regenerate for a number of years and then harvesting the resulting stems. As a result of the rotational cutting sequence, there will be various different stages of regeneration within a woodland. This is a great way to manage woodlands for wildlife.

Helping with events

We run a varied programme of events through the year across the south Devon coast. From family fun days showcasing what there is to do at our sites to specially tailored events for schools and community groups. As these grow more popular we need more help to run them. 


This is just one of the activities that keeps us very busy in the spring and summer months. Miles of footpath and car parks need to be kept clear of over-zealous nettles and brambles.

Repairing and installing 

For those that have good DIY skills we'd love to have you join us repairing and installing signage, gates, fences and benches. A really satisfying job; making a real difference to people's enjoyment of the countryside.

Improving paths

Cutting and clearing new and existing paths is a time consuming and a little bit of help is very welcome by the team. This is a group of volunteers creating a new path in Wembury Woods. Check it out - they have done a fantastic job.

Bio surveys

Many of our wildlife partner organisations are looking for volunteers to help survey the land for flora and fauna. The information from these surveys is vital and helps us to manage the land we care for. We can help put you in touch with these groups.