Ranger highlights for autumn at Sandscale Haws

Sandscale Haws Blowouts

Make the most of autumn with our rangers' top tips of things to see and do around Sandscale Haws.

  • Look out for fungi appearing around Sandscale like wax caps, earthtongue and coral fungi. They'll be in and around the grassy dunes.
  • The rangers are working hard over Autumn removing scrub like hawthorn around the dunes so you will see them and the volunteers chopping, sawing, clearing and burning. This will help create more space and light for dune plants and flowers.
Take a walk along the beach at Sandscale Haws
Sandscale Haws and the Duddon Valley Estuary
Take a walk along the beach at Sandscale Haws
  • Enjoy a sunset stroll along the beach. Watch the sun set over the estuary and the colours of the sky change from blues to pinks to oranges.Careful you check the tide times!
  • If you can, stop what you're doing and look up and listen to the formations of geese flying over to spend the winter on warmer lush grass in Europe. They have travelled for miles over land and sea from places like Greenland and Siberia and you can always hear them 'honk' as they fly over. Think of their long journey and they will put a smile on your face.
  • See the changes in the weather in autumn from hot days to dark, blowy beach days - what will your day have in store?