Conservation in Action at Snowshill Manor

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A lot of work goes into conserving somewhere as special as Snowshill Manor and we're sharing a behind the scenes look at this with you this summer.

Cared for by conservation charity the National Trust, Snowshill Manor relies on staff and volunteers to care for the house and its collection.

"People are often interested to learn how we do this," said Assistant House Steward Harriet Groves. "So we thought it would be a good idea to shine a light on this. From cleaning the collection to protecting it from bugs, conservation involves so many different elements."

Conservation in Action week will see a series of sessions and events where people can learn more about how the team protects, stores and revives items which would otherwise be in danger of being lost forever.

Conservation in Action week

Monday 20 June (1-3pm): Watch Harriet as she cleans some of the items from the stores. You'll be able to see items not usually on display and learn more about their origin and why they are important.

Tuesday 21 June: Guided tours of the Manor will focus on not only the history of the house, but also on conservation. You'll be able to see a group of staff and volunteers deep cleaning a room and tending to smaller objects from the stores.
Wednesday 22 June: Witness another day of deep cleaning (but in a different room). Clocks expert Mike Flannery will also be on hand to talk about the intricacies of restoring and conserving old clocks.
Thursday 23 June: You can see even more cleaning by the Snowshill Manor team, but alongside this some of the staff will be inventory checking the Manor, checking the items against a full list of the collection.
Friday 24 June: As you wander around the house, look out for more cleaning demos in various rooms and on various items. Feel free to ask the teams questions to learn more about Conservation in Action.
Conservation in Action weekend
Saturday 25 June & Sunday 26 June: The attention moves towards pest control. The team will be checking bug traps regularly during both days. Conscious that we may have more children in too, we'll be running a conservation clue trail and bug bingo in Sancta Maria byre.