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Things to do in the garden at Snowshill

Well Court with summer flowers and the gateway leading to the orchard at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire
Well Court at Snowshill Manor | © National Trust Images / Kate Groome

Alongside friend and fellow architect Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott, Wade set out to design a garden which reflected the theatre and form of the manor. The garden is an extension of the house, a series of outdoor rooms.

Garden rooms

Each garden room shows an enticing vista with a hint of something beyond. It’s a clever design feature to encourage further exploration through the garden. Step down to the walled area of the Well Court and view where Charles Wade entertained his friends in the cow byre he named Sancta Maria Byre.

A view of the Nychthemeron Clock with some flowers in the foreground at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire
The Nychthemeron Clock at Snowshill Manor | © National Trust Images / Kate Groome

Artistic features

Wade used his own skill as an artist and an architect to design the garden. There are many artistic features including the lilypad-topped pond, the dovecote and gargoyle-like wall fountain.

A unique clock

This large and vibrant clock is called the Nychthemeron. It’s a Greek word for night and day and seems well chosen for this 24-hour clock. The surface is over-painted with characters from the zodiac and astronomical symbols.

Wolf’s Cove

Wolf’s Cove is a model harbour based on a typical Cornish fishing village. Charles Wade designed and built the miniature scene to delight anyone who came to visit. The creation features model buildings, people, canals and a railway scene. It’s an attraction that continues to bring interest, especially to younger visitors.

Silent Space

Time spent in the garden at Snowshill is time away from the bustle of everyday life. An opportunity to explore a unique and intimate garden with quiet corners and far reaching views. Ian’s Bench was made by a volunteer and is tucked away above the magical model village of Wolf’s Cove. It offers a peaceful space for quiet reflection. Take some time for yourself, rest for a while, or open the box which sits on the bench and indulge in a little creativity. To find out more about the Silent Space charity click here

A visitor leans in to get a closer look at a collection item inside Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

Discover more at Snowshill

Find out when Snowshill is open, how to get here, the things to see and do and more.

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Visitors trying on historic helmets inside Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

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