Family fun at South Foreland Lighthouse

A family flying kites by the South Foreland Lighthouse in Kent

What could be a better way to finish a cliff top adventure than enjoying some family time at South Foreland Lighthouse with kite flying, games, trails and deck chairs for mum and dad?

Whether it is gloriously sunny or a little cold and windy there is plenty of fun for all the family at South Foreland Lighthouse. Just stop by the visitor reception for a treasure trove of family activities.

Experience the most popular lighthouse pastime as all you need for a kite to really soar is a nice clear sky, large open spaces and a good sea breeze so South Foreland is perfect –just watch out for the flag pole!

Let’s go fly a kite
A girl learning to fly a kite
Let’s go fly a kite

If you are looking for a great way to entertain the kids, even the big kid in all of us, just outside the visitor reception there are a collection of old school games which you can also play for free. Test your skills with a game of skittles and see who can get the most points in quoits. Or why not have a friendly match in the giant noughts and crosses board to see who will be the ‘champion' in your family? 

Other than colourful kites performing aerial acrobatics in the sky around the lighthouse a common scene at South Foreland is the rolling lawn filled with families enjoying the beauty and serenity it has to offer. So lay down a blanket or settle on the grass and Let the children run around and enjoy some freedom. 

Tours up the lighthouse

You can also book on to one of the family friendly lighthouse tours and discover its wealth of history ending in a stunning balcony view.

Feeding the family

While you’re at the lighthouse be sure to stop by the quintessentially English Mrs Knott’s tea-room which has lots of tempting treats for your family, from delicious home-made soup (available in half portions for little tums) to freshly prepared baguettes and children’s lunch boxes. To make family lunch time even easier there are also high chairs available.