Things to see and do at St Helen's Duver

Pack a picnic, the children and the dog then set off for a day at St Helen's Duver. There's something to keep everyone busy from rock pooling on the beach to wildflower and bird spotting and plenty of grassy open land for running amok.

The Duver

St Helen's Duver is a wonderful open space to wander, fly a kite, walk the dog, watch the birds, or just sit and enjoy the tranquillity. In May it is carpeted with thrift, but at all times of the year there is so much to see.

Beach at Nodes Point

The beach at St Helen's is great for rock pooling, as well as for making sand castles or simply sitting and watching the ships pass by.

Rockpooling by the shore

Nodes Point is one of the best places in southern England to explore rock pools amongst the limestone ledges.

Our special wildflowers and wildlife

St Helen's Duver is best known for its wildlife, especially flowers, birds and insects. We carefully manage the land to encourage and protect the wildlife.

Watch the birds

You can enjoy watching birds here. Over the lagoons and Bembridge Harbour you may see flocks of geese, duck and waders in the winter. There's all-year interest over the grassland and St Helen's Common.

Walk your dog

The flat, open grassy spaces of the old golf course at St Helen's Duver are ideal for dogs, and there are paths around the lagoon and sea wall.
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Look for wild flowers

St Helen's Duver is renowned for its flowers, both in the grassland of the old golf links and around the marshy shore.
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Take a walk

Discover the Duver with our four-mile (6.4km) St Helen's trail that we've created for you.
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Walk around the Duver