Stonehenge Landscape

A World Heritage Site for its ancient ceremonial landscape of great archaeological interest.

The sunset casting long shadows across the barrows near the Cursus

What's special about the Stonehenge Landscape?

The National Trust looks after 2100 acres of the Stonehenge Landscape because of its rich and diverse natural habitats as well as the globally significant archaeological features left by prehistoric people. This is also a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature, beauty and history – away from the stresses of daily life.

Two people walking along a track

Exploring the Stonehenge Landscape on foot

This wide and open landscape is perfect for dedicated walkers. You can explore by finding your own routes, or if you prefer you can follow some of the set walks that take you past some of the most important archaeological sites.

Lady walking her dog by trees

Visiting Stonehenge Landscape with your dog 

There's nothing better than taking your dog for a walk in the beautiful wide-open spaces of the landscape around Stonehenge. However, please be aware that, due to increased incidences of sheep-worrying and the loss of a number of lambs, there are some limitations imposed on where you can take your dog.

Stonehenge Landscape


A haven for a wide variety of wildlife

Stonehenge Landscape


Barrow with long grass

The archaeology of the Stonehenge Landscape

The great scale of the Stonehenge Landscape makes it difficult to grasp the enormity of the archaeology that lies within and below it. This list gives you an idea of some of the key features beneath your feet.

Stonehenge Landscape

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View of the downs through autumn trees

Exploring Wiltshire's National Trust Landscapes 

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