Stonehenge Landscape

Ancient ceremonial landscape of great archaeological and wildlife interest

Stonehenge Landscape

Things to see and do

Barrows in the mist

You can't not be inspired to explore this amazing landscape 

Immerse yourself in the ancient landscape of Stonehenge, there's so much to explore and many mysteries to unravel.

Two people walking in the Stonehenge Landscape

Walking the Stonehenge landscape 

Follow a National Trust Walking Trail around the Stonehenge Landscape

Children flying a kite

Start ticking off your 50 things list today 

Tick activities off your National Trust 50 Things to do before you're 11¾ on a visit to the Stonehenge Landscape.

Stonehenge Landscape

What's on 

Upcoming events

Wings over Stonehenge

Sat 22 Oct 2016
Walk in the slipstream of the early pioneer military aviators at Larkhill

On the Trail of Beowulf

Thu 27 Oct 2016
This Hallowe'en, we are bringing to life the story of the warrior Beowulf, an action-packed tale that's been told for a thousand years or more.

Discover Durrington Walls

Wed 16 Nov 2016
Ever wondered where the builders of Stonehenge lived? Join our landscape guides to explore the secrets of Durrington Walls - once home to the builders of Stonehenge - and discover 6,000 years of hidden history (2.5 - 3 mile walk).

Winter Archaeology Walk

Sat 19 Nov 2016
You can explore the wider Stonehenge World Heritage landscape with a guide discovering hidden histories and ancient mysteries.

Midwinter Archaeology Walk

Wed 21 Dec 2016
On the midwinter Solstice you can explore the ancient monuments of the Stonehenge Landscape. This walk is around three and a half miles.

Spring Archaeology Walk

Sat 04 Mar 2017
The Stonehenge landscape is an intriguing place with many of its secrets still lying tantalisingly below ground. However, this enjoyable and informative 4 mile walk with an expert guide will have you looking at this landscape with new eyes.
Stonehenge Landscape


Stonehenge Landscape


Stonehenge Landscape


The Stonehenge landscape, Wiltshire

Bring your group for an educational adventure 

Let the landscape around Stonehenge inspire you to learn more.

Stonehenge Landscape

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Guided walk at Stonehenge Landscape

Help us with our vital work  

There's so much you can do to help the National Trust with its work in the Stonehenge Landscape.