Dog walking in the Stonehenge landscape

Lady walking her dog by trees

Access for dog walkers has been closed on fields with livestock near Durrington Walls at Stonehenge following an increasing number of attacks on sheep.

The National Trust has recently created dog free zones in all fields that are grazed by sheep in the Stonehenge landscape where there is permissive access.

Regrettably this action has been taken following an extended and particularly horrible period of sheep worrying with a number of lambs being badly injured or killed on Trust land.

Extensive signage has been tried over the years to encourage people to control their dogs, including most recently a system of reversible signs that were changed depending whether sheep were grazing and informing people when their dogs needed to be on leads.

Sadly, although many conscientious people respect these signs, a number of other people do not.

The impact of those who do not control their dogs is so significant that we have had no choice but to restrict access with dogs on National Trust land.

The Trust allows permissive access for people to walk freely in some of the fields it cares for but has now closed that access for anybody walking dogs in fields with livestock at Durrington and also the Cursus and Avenue fields at Stonehenge.

Access to Rights of Way through National Trust land is not affected, although we do ask that dogs are kept under control or on a lead particularly when sheep are nearby.  

We ask that you please obey the signs, even if it seems that no sheep are in the fields (as often two adjoining fields are used, with the gate open in between, and just because they are not visible at the time, it does not mean that the sheep do not have access).

Should you have any queries about this please email

For further information please click see below:

National Trust press release (PDF / 0.015625MB) download

Map of access for dogs (PDF / 0.349609375MB) download