Help restore Sunnycroft's Grade II listed Halliday Glasshouse

Sunnycroft Halliday Glasshouse

Sunnycroft's Halliday glasshouse is in need of restoration. Donate now to help return this rare survivor to it's former glory.

Forming a centrepiece for the ornamental gardens at Sunnycroft, the Grade II listed Victorian glasshouse was built by R. Halliday and Co, who also supplied glasshouses for the Rothschild family at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.

The situation

Unfortunately, time has not been kind, and the glasshouse is starting to show its age; it is in need of repainting and areas of the wooden frame need replacing.

We are in the process of restoring the small glasshouse that was in most significant need of restoration, but need to raise the funds to restore the Halliday glasshouse too.

Sunnycroft's Halliday glasshouse in full glory
779771 Sunnycroft Glasshouse
Sunnycroft's Halliday glasshouse in full glory

How you can help

We are appealing for donations to raise the necessary funds for restoration.

If you would like to help us to protect this special glasshouse you can do so in a number of ways. You can sponsor a pane of glass or donate via our Just Giving page through the link below, and visitors can also make a donation on site.

Sponsor a pane of glass

The panes of glass in the Halliday glasshouse are different sizes and shapes. Each one will need removing before any work can be done to the glasshouse.

By sponsoring a pane of glass you will receive a certificate and a plan of the glasshouse illustrating where your pane of glass is located. Once the restoration is complete you will be invited to a special opening of the glasshouse to celebrate it's restoration.

Our panes of glass can be sponsored for a number of different prices.

  • We have a limited number of very small panes of glass that can be sponsored for £5
  • £15 for a triangular shaped roof pane
  • £25 for a rectangular roof pane
  • £50 for a rectangular side pane
  • £150 for a stained glass panel

If you are interested in sponsoring a pane of glass please contact the property in person or over the phone on 01952 242884.