Help for the Halliday

Sunnycroft Halliday glasshouse

Help us to conserve our conservatory. We are launching our fundraising campaign to help save this special building, one of only two in the country.

How special is our conservatory?

Built in 1899, as far as we know Sunnycroft’s conservatory is one of only two left in the UK built by the firm R. Halliday and Company, who specialised in hot houses and hot water systems. One other such glasshouse has been located in the world, built for a member of the successful and wealthy Rothschild family, it is in Geneva.

The design of the conservatory is elegant and refined, showing off the peak of engineering at the time, with its slender cast iron rods that support a delicate wooden frame and many panes of glass. It was positioned just outside the French windows that lead out of the drawing room, so the lady of Sunnycroft could take her guests out to look at it easily.

Inside the Halliday conservatory at Sunnycroft
Inside the Halliday conservatory at Sunnycroft
Inside the Halliday conservatory at Sunnycroft

How you can help save the conservatory

There are lots of ways to get involved with fundraising for the Halliday conservatory, every visit you make to us helps support Sunnycroft and while you are here you can purchase a raffle ticket. Each ticket is matched by funds raised through the Trust’s National raffle, so Sunnycroft receives £2 for every ticket sold. The top prize for this raffle is £10,000.


Fundraising walk up the Wrekin

Join us for a guided walk from Sunnycroft up and over local landmark, the Wrekin and raise money for our special conservatory.

This guided walk from Sunnycroft is led by a local walks leader and volunteers. You will walk over 7 miles up to the top of the Wrekin for lunch. Then you'll take a steady walk back down to Sunnycroft to enjoy a well-deserved cream tea on the veranda. To register is £20 per person and we're asking you to raise just £50 in sponsorship money. The walk takes place on Wednesday 21 August 10:30am to 4pm, to book your place please click here.


New Fundrasing packs

If you would like to try other ways to fundraise for us you can send off for one of our new fundraising packs, each pack is full of ideas, tips, advice, and resources to help you get started. Help your local space with a sponsored litter pick or organise a bake sale, turn your passion into a fundraising success for Sunnycroft. Click here to get your fundrasing pack.

When you visit Sunnycroft, nibble a slice of cake or help us to fundrase for our conservatory, you're helping conserve and maintain this special place for future generations. Thank you for your support. 

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Conserving our conservatory 

Find out how you can support our fundraising appeal to save our conservatory.