Snowdrops at Sunnycroft

Sunnycroft Shropshire Snowdrops

Snowdrop. Galanthus. Fair maiden of February. Candlemas bells. Whichever name you know this harbinger of spring by, this little white flower is traditionally the symbol of Hope. Enjoy a breath of fresh air and stroll around the gardens to spot these little white jewel-like flowers.

What might you discover?

Discover the delights of the garden in winter and explore the different varieties of snowdrops as they emerge. The garden is home to over thirty different varieties of snowdrops. When you visit you can pick up a leaflet that will take you around the garden, allowing you to discover each variety and its history in turn.

" Each year a different variety of snowdrop is planted at Sunnycroft. We aim to plant a snowdrop that is either local to Shropshire or was available in the Edwardian period."
- Joel Richards, Gardener

Join one of our guided walks

If you want to learn more why not join one of our guided walks led by our snowdrop expert Eddie Roberts. He will be leading groups on a tour of our snowdrops on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 10:30am to 2:30pm. Anyone can join in, tours last 30 minutes and are £2 per person.