Things to see and do at Sunnycroft

Sunnycroft Shropshire Staircase Hall offers a grand central point to the house

There's plenty to see and do on our mini-estate. Come rain or shine you'll love a trip to Sunnycroft.

The villa

Taking a turn through the house with one of our friendly guides is a must.
Find out about the families who built, lived in and loved Sunnycroft, from a local brewer to an embroiderer for the Queen.

The medicine cabinet

No afternoon visit to Sunnycroft is complete without inhaling the aroma of the medicine cabinet.
Formerly used as a linen press, its jumble of over 300 medicines, remedies and toiletries are a further reminder that the Lander family didn’t throw much away. And why should they?

The garden

Follow the Wellingtonia Avenue of trees into five acres of garden, from formal borders to the vegetable plot.
You can even take a tour with a volunteer guide who will walk you through the history and restoration of the mini estate.

The conservatory

Well worth a look is the Grade II listed conservatory. Designed by R Halliday & Co., it dates back to 1899 and is complete with rockery and a fern garden built up around the bottom.
On a rainy day it provides lovely shelter from the showers and at Christmas you can sit inside with a cup of tea looking across the lawn.

Croquet on the lawn

For years the families at Sunnycroft have played tennis and had garden parties on the main lawn.
Now you too can have a go at croquet, skittles or badminton; weather permitting, the main lawn is a lovely place to set up for a picnic.

Family friendly

Sunnycroft is small in stature but huge in character. We have children's trails both inside and out as well as an enclosed safe garden for families to use. 

Don't miss

  • tea in the old Smoke Room
  • picking up a bargain in the second-hand bookshop
  • buying a plant to take home
  • the bowling hut
  • the kennels and pigsties
  • chickens in the garden
  • a stroll through the vegetable garden
  • the Daimler in the garage