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Autumn Raffle 2021 winners

Visitors in the Long Walk at Polesden Lacey, Surrey
Visitors in the Long Walk at Polesden Lacey | © National Trust Images/John Millar

Our Autumn Raffle had a wonderful variety of prizes on offer, including the top prize of £10,000, second prize of £1,000, third prize of £500, two Autumn Bonus Draw prizes of £1,000, plus ten runner up prizes of a National Trust £25 gift card.

List of winners

First prize

One £10,000 winner:

  • Mr R 54170 (Hereford)

Second prize

One £1,000 winner:

  • Mr B 598267 (West Sussex)

Third prize

One £500 winner:

  • Mrs M 10335 (Nottinghamshire)

Autumn Bonus Draw

Two £1,000 winners:

  • Miss T (Monmouthshire)
  • Mr I (Devon)

Runner up prizes

Ten £25 gift card:

  • Mr F 340672 (Wolverhampton)
  • Mrs S 833 (Somerset)
  • Mr M 37816 (Gloucestershire)
  • Mrs W 743047 (Lancashire)
  • Mr L 691283 (Dorset)
  • Mr R 13672 (Essex)
  • Mr M 73716 (Gloucestershire)
  • Mr S 615504 (Portsmouth)
  • Mr P 652341 (Nottinghamshire)
  • Mrs P 181293 (Twickenham)
Wide shot of two volunteers walking up a hillside from left to right with blue sky behind

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Previous players of our seasonal raffles purchased tickets for our Autumn Raffle 2021, including a top prize of £10,000, second prize of £1,000, third prize of £500 and 10 x £25 National Trust gift cards. All players who entered the Autumn Bonus Draw had a chance to win an extra £1,000 prize.

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Raffles self-exclusion procedure 

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