Crafty woodsmen

Here at Swan Barn Farm the Rangers have fully embraced the local heritage, adopting many crafts the local woodsmen would have inherited from past generations. Practicing and demonstrating woodsmen crafts helps to keep the spirit of the place alive for the benefit of future generation’s cultural heritage while promoting wildlife friendly sites.

A round wood timber frame

Of the landscape and for the landscape

The roundwood timber framed building, Speckled Wood was named after the well-known woodland butterfly which frequents the woodland glades and coppices created as a result of the supply of materials for the building.

Bluebells in flower in a recently coppiced hazel coupe

Managing a hazel coppice

Witley Copse is a small patch of coppice woodland nestled behind Swan Barn Farm. Twelve years ago the Rangers here began an ambitious project to restore the woodland, making it productive and greatly increasing its biodiversity and value for wildlife.

Charcoal kiln smoking away

Making the most of it.

Here at Swan Barn Farm we make charcoal using traditional techniques practiced in this part of the country for hundreds of years. Wood is heated in the 6ft kiln to remove all moisture and left to “cook.

Hedge at Swan Barn Farm

Preserving our hedgerows

If you take a stroll through Swan Barn Farm during winter months, there is a good chance you’ll find the Ranger team working on one of our hedgerows.