50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ in Mid Ulster

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Here's just a few of the 50 Thing activities you can complete at our Mid Ulster properties starting on your next visit! Make sure to pick up your activity sheet from the Visitor Welcome Team!

All our places are different and have their very own characters and attributes, with lots of opportunities for adventures.

50 things adventures....made at Wellbrook Beetling Mill

With our NEW kids science discovery zone located in the Mill Reception, there is no place better to complete:

No. 8 - Spot a fish

No. 34 - Discover wild animal clues

No. 35 - Discover what's in a pond

No. 37 - Discover the wonders of a rock pool

With their Kids Go Free offer, it's also free to complete

No. 50 - Take a friend on a nature adventure

Oak leaves
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Oak leaves

50 things adventures....made at Ardress House

Explore Ardress House amongst the orchards, where you can complete the following tasks

No. 1 - Get to know a tree

No. 6 - Go welly wandering

No. 30 - Go on a scavenger hunt

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Oak leaves


50 things adventures....made at The Argory

Why not try

No. 5 - Skim a stone

No. 10 - Play conkers

No. 18 - Create some wild art (and you can display in the Argory Woodland Art Gallery)

No. 41 - Help a plant grow (you can achive this by visiting our Walled Garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer and helping our gardeners and volunteers!)

No. 45 - Find your way with a map, by exploring the entire estate.

Get mucky and make a mud creation
Make a mud pie
Get mucky and make a mud creation

50 things adventures....made at Springhill

A great place to achieve many of your exploring goals! Just some of those possible would be

No. 4 - Build a den

No. 13 - Make a mud creation, along the nature trail

No. 17 - Set up a snail race, if you can find the snails in the woods!

No. 24 - Go barefoot, in the beautiful wildflower meadow

No. 44 - Watch a bird, try to identify the breed, if you can't ask one of our friendly garden team

Oak leaves
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Oak leaves

These are just some of the activities you can conquer with your friends and family, alot of which can be done at all the properties.

In the late summer/early autumn make sure to visit Derrymore or any of our special places and have a look at the funky fungi, this means No. 22 can also be ticked off!

What are you waiting for? There's so much to do, see and enjoy.

Get out there and see how you get on. Start your adventures by downloading the activity list here