'Calling all my canine buddies'

Dogs on leads in Mid Ulster

The Argory is a great place for my four-legged friends from the area to visit to stretch their legs. I often watch as they enter the gates and leap around excitedly. When I visit any of our National Trust properties I always remind Matthew of some guidelines to follow in order to help all our Rangers to look after these special places forever, for everyone.


We kindly request that you and your human stay connected by a lead at all times while on the estate including in the car park. Please remind them that although you are a lovely friendly dog there may be small children or older people who may be scared or fall over if you run up or jump up to greet them. 

'A friend sharing your lead is a friend indeed'
Dogwalking in Mid Ulster
'A friend sharing your lead is a friend indeed'

The ‘Special' bags

We are sure your responsible human companion will pick up after you but just to be sure please make sure they bring your ‘special’ bags with them. All the humans who use the estate are really grateful that they don’t get mess on their shoes, or on their pram or wheelchair tyres, or even their hands in the case of small children playing with the fallen leaves in the autumn months.

Useful tip - once full, your ‘special’ bags can be placed in any outdoor bins onsite. This makes our gardeners and volunteers very happy and keeps The Argory looking it’s best for all your friends.


Panting from dragging your two legged companion around the estate? Ranger Tracey, Gardener Stephen and their team have thought of this too, by supplying water bowls at various points in the courtyard so you can quench your thirst as your human has a rest with a cup of coffee.

Doggy Exercise Area

Take your human down to the jetty and turn left along the path at the side of the River Blackwater. At the end you will come to the doggy exercise area and it’s here you can run all on your own. Ask your human to remove your lead and you can take off and run as fast as you can, exploring the area and investigating all the sweet smelling wild flowers and plants. I hope to meet you all there this year!

Run free with the wind in your ears
Doggy exercise area at The Argory
Run free with the wind in your ears

Dogs are welcome in all Mid Ulster properties, hope to meet you soon