Take a tour of The Argory

The Argory was designed by Arthur and John Williamson of Dublin for Walter McGeough. Designed in approximately 1819, started in 1820 and finished about 1824, it was built of Caledon stone in coursed ashlar blocks with Navan limestone window sills, quoins and foundations.

Highlights of the house

  • The West Hall - visit the West Hall to admire the cantilevered staircase with its gleaming brass uprights and work out where the flue for the heating stove is.
  • The Drawing Room - In the elegant Victorian Drawing Room come and have a go on the beautiful rosewood Steinway grand piano.
  • The Organ Lobby - The Organ Lobby houses the original cabinet barrel organ commissioned in 1822 from James Bishop.
  • Acetylene light fittings - The house was fitted with acetylene gas lighting in 1906. A variety of styles of the original fittings can be seen throughout the house.
  • Birkenhead disaster - Find out how Captain Shelton defied death in this horrific tragedy in 1862.
  • Costume collection - Discover items from the recently rediscovered costume collection, ranging from stunningly embroidered Georgian men’s waistcoats to elegant ladies' 20th century clothes and accessories.