Family activities at The Argory

Argory danders

Kicking off on 12 July, you'll be able to shake off your lockdown low once and for all and enjoy family activities and nature adventures at The Argory.

Are you ready?

Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you

Family summer fun offer at the Argory, Thursday – Monday, 11am-5pm, will include:

  • Blackwater Bootcamp – How high can you jump? How much can you lift? Challenge friends and family, as you achieve your own personal goals.
  • Skipping – Old schoolyard skipping with a helping hand from our faithful oak tree trunk. All the kids can line up and jump and take turns with the speed control. 
  • Musical creations - Little ones can compose a nature tune in the giant arbour sound booth. The pleasure grounds offer the perfect spot to listen to the sounds of nature, from the flowing River Blackwater to the chirping birds above. Get your feet tapping to the rhythms around you.
  • For the teeny tots - Our quiet reflection area, try your hand at some Argory Art. Choose a nature block and using chalk you can create your own masterpiece of your day at The Argory to bring home with you.
  • Tennis anyone? Take up the challenge from friends and family and ‘serve it up’ on the front lawn, as this popular game returns to The Argory. Burn off some steam on the front lawns using our tennis equipment.
  • Horse-less Showjumping  - Fun for all ages, with hurdles on the lawn for our two-legged and four-legged friends (or both at the same time!). 3 different heights to achieve a clear round with no faults.

Borrow a Balance Bike 

Cycling at the Argory provides a traffic and a pollution free, safe environment for kids to learn a new skill.  We’ll provide the perfect training ground for little ones who have not yet found their wheels. Cycling is an important life skill and a healthy way to explore outdoors. We want to help the next generation’s cyclists learn to ride, starting their lifelong love of cycling in beautiful natural surroundings. That's why we are delighted to offer free-to-hire balance bikes to our visitors.

Kids balancing in nature at The Argory
Balance Bikes at The Argory
Kids balancing in nature at The Argory

No advance booking required

The balance bikes and helmets are available to hire from Visitor Reception. You don’t need to book anything as they will be given out on a first come first served basis, and the balance bikes are free to use - just turn up and get going! The bikes and helmets will be treated between each use to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Hungry tummies

After all the adventure, relax and unwind in the courtyard with a hot cuppa or cool drink. Enjoy the free wi-fi while you tuck into light lunches and yummy treats. The Courtyard Cafe also has a wide variety of ice-cream for the kids (and the dads!)

Ice-creams and fun at The Argory
Picnic tables
Ice-creams and fun at The Argory

Explore the House inside at your own leisure

A new offer this summer is our self-guided experience in the house. Everyone is welcome to explore the house at their own pace. There will be a sporting challenge inside the house for kids to search high and low for – see how many tennis balls you spot along the way. Book your self-guided tour ticket at Visitor Reception on arrival.

Artificial Sunshine at the Argory
Artificial Sunshine 2021
Artificial Sunshine at the Argory

Safety first

Safety of our visitors continues to be our top priority. Sanitising stations will be available in close proximity to all activities. Balance bikes and helmets will be fully cleaned between use at Visitor Reception. We encourage all visitors to observe current social distancing regulations whilst enjoying all the activities.

'When you come out and play at our places, you're helping us look after nature's playground'