Top summer spots at The Argory

The Garden at The Argory

With vibrant displays of flowers and long, warm days to look forward to, summer is the time to make the most of nature – with a healthy serving of early sunshine if we’re lucky. And while you enjoy the sights and scents, you can be certain that your visit helps us care for these gardens for many more summers to come.

At The Argory, we’re surrounded by sweeping lawns with two formal gardens. The first, a charming rose garden with dwarf rose bushes in box-edged beds, which are planted around the sundial and bloom all summer long. The second, a much larger area is called the Pleasure grounds. The mixed borders carry a wealth of plants, many of them scented and all bursting full of summer colour.

Top flowers to see in the Pleasure grounds this summer.

  • Blue and purple tones from Campanula, more commonly known as Bellflower.
  • Red and pink Phlox
  • Rich tones of Astilbes, more commonly known as False goat's beard
  • Purple foliage of the Berberis.
  • Mixed colour of Lupins

At the front of the house on the right hand side you’ll see the star bed full of multicolour Dahlias and French Marigolds, which are hearty flowers that can withstand a lot of seasonal frost. At this stage the River Blackwater will have grabbed your attention and is worth the walk down because quite often you’ll find a Kingfisher perched on a branch, so packing in the binoculars is a must when you’re visiting The Argory.  If you enjoy a spot of bird watching, grab a picnic blanket from reception and sit down by the river to see what other wildlife you can spot (share your snaps on our Facebook page)

Catch a glimpse of the Buddleia bush in full colour which always attracts butterflies and hummingbirds – a sure sign that summer is here.

If you fancy learning more about the gardens this summer. Join Tracey, our Assistant Ranger on a guided garden tour. Tracey's tours are available every Tuesday and Thursday throughout August at 2pm.

See the buddleia bush in full colour at The Argory
See the buddleia bush in full colour at The Argory
See the buddleia bush in full colour at The Argory
Did a plant catch your eye when you visited? Not sure what it was? We can help.

Email us and a member of our gardening team will let you know what it is.

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