Into the archives

Learn more about our hidden archives at The Argory. Follow our volunteer Sally's blogs to discover stories about the family.

Delve into The Argory's archives and disover our stories

Delve into the Archive at The Argory

It’s very exciting to discover stories about how the family lived here at The Argory. Read on to find out more...

Moth book at The Argory

Out of hibernation

We hope you enjoyed the first blog last month from Sally. Enjoy reading what's going on inside the house throughout March and see what stories Sally has discovered from the archives.

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Foodie discoveries

This month, I discovered that the hard work of the servants did not go unrewarded. In his early days of running the house the young Mr Bond received explicit instructions from his mother to buy Easter eggs for the staff, which it seems was something of a family tradition here.

Mr Bond’s exhibition catalogue at The Argory

Artificial Sunshine

We've had a busy few weeks at The Argory installing the new neon light installation. Please read on to hear about Sally’s discoveries in the archives.

A young Lady Bond circa 1890

Blooming Lovely

It seems that the gardens here at The Argory have occupied a special place in the hearts of everyone who has ever spent any time in them. None more so than Lady Bond, who wrote :'Looking up at the house, over beautiful patches of colour, was such a picture.'