Home Farm development

Since the start of 2019 we have been working on various spaces around the home farm to improve facilities for visitors.

What were the Home Farm buildings used for originally?

Home Farm at Coleshill was at the cutting edge of agricultural practices and technology when built in 1854. The complex was carefully designed for the Earl of Radnor by his land agent, Mr Edward Wells Moore, to improve productivity and included tramways between the buildings to distribute feed and take away manure. The scale of Home Farm goes some way to show the prosperity and innovation at Coleshill in the 19th century and would have been a backdrop for the Earl to impress local landowners and family friends.

What is the plan for the future of Home Farm?

Since the start of 2019 we have been working on various spaces around the model farm to improve facilities for visitors. The Old Carpenters Yard which opened in May 2019 now has a café, toilets, visitor information and a large meeting/course space.  

The next stage of the project in 2022 will be to create and improve car parking for visitors to the village, the Heritage Skills Centre and education groups. We hope to create 51 spaces as well as a new toilet block in the Countryside Yard.  Alongside this, we are developing a Green Travel Plan to address the Heritage Skills Centre’s carbon footprint.

In the next few years, we hope to establish a series of simple workshop spaces for let to craftspeople, including a communal office and kitchen space. There will also be classroom and meeting spaces including areas for hands on practical experience. In addition, there will be exhibition space and in the long-term, a retail are selling a locally created range of items. We are organising the works into three phases to allow for future development.

Clay models of the two Roman Emporers

Stone busts

One of our current pieces of conservation work at Coleshill is commissioning replacement busts for two that were stolen over 20 years ago.

A child playing in the leaves

Summer Family Activities

Come and join in the summer fun at the Buscot and Coleshill Estates every Tuesday in August.