The British Heritage Project

Tom is currently taking photos across the Coleshill estate including capturing conservation work in action. From a local stonemason and wood carver to our own National Trust buildings and countryside team.

Tom Warland is a Documentary Photographer, Filmmaker, Illustrator, and lecturer at Buckinghamshire College Group (Amersham) living and working in London and the surrounding area.  Since graduating he has explored traditional and largely forgotten ideas in British society and culture, and has work featured in various publications and exhibited nationally.

The British Heritage Project is the ongoing construction of an archive of traditional and contemporary hand crafts in Britain during a time of political turmoil, cultural and financial shifts.  While some crafts stay unchanged through the centuries, many of the trades once practiced are gone forever, others have reappeared in new ways and partnerships.  

This work is recorded using both photography and film and is supported through musical collaboration with contemporary British folk musicians using both new compositions and historically recorded folksongs to help portray the atmosphere and subtleties in these trades.