Watercolours of Dartmoor

Watercolour by Patricia Tout on exhibition at Sexton's Cottage, Devon

From an early age, Patricia Tout was encouraged to draw and paint

Patricia was born in Torquay and taken on to Dartmoor from an early age to paint with her father, who was an artist. Her love of the moors still remains and is evident in her work.

At the age of 11, she won the Brooke Bond Tea Competition for Art. The picture was of Dartmoor, depicting ponies and tors, and was then exhibited in London.

After leaving school, working and then marriage, a family and ponies, there was no time for art. So, after being made redundant at the age of 62, Patricia took out her paints again. She joined an art group and took lessons from a couple of local artists to gain confidence and was encouraged to develop her own style.

The many hours walking on and around the moors and using some of the photographs taken, gave Patricia the inspiration to create these pieces of art.