About The Coombes at Hinton Parva

View over the Coombes

The Coombes is a steep-sided dry valley formed from ocean chalk. Over 30 million years ago, continental movements caused the flat landscape to fold forming rolling downland.

Rare wildflowers and a myriad of butterflies.

Valued as flower-rich unimproved chalk grassland and traditional hay meadow. On entering the site visitors will glimpse a small spring fed stream bordered by hedgerow and old willow pollards. The stream separates the main valley from a colourful hay meadow.
The site supports 23 butterfly species, and several uncommon plants which suggest the grassland has a long history of traditional management.
Cowslips at The Coombes, Hinton Parva
Yellow flowers on green field
Cowslips at The Coombes, Hinton Parva

Hay meadows

Hay meadows are not traditionally grazed, allowing grasses and flowers to set seed before being cut in late summer for animal feed.  The yellow carpet of cowslips usually appear in early May and are of particular note.