Gifts galore at the White Cliffs of Dover

Inspired by your walk Browse through an array of gift items before you leave the beloved site. The gift shop has a wide variety of White Cliffs themed items for you to enjoy.

Send your friend one of our stunning postcards and make them jealous of the grand views you’ve beheld. Put a magnet on your fridge to remind you of the tranquility of the cliffs whilst you cook at home. Or use a white cliffs thimble at the next sewing club and get the ladies talking about your experience.

A spot of shopping at the White Cliffs of Dover
A pile of White Cliffs of Dover merchandise

Lovely and local

The shop also has a selection of books about local and military history, from both World Wars. If you enjoyed your walk with us then there are also guide books and maps available too.

A little more info?

A guidebook containing information about the White Cliffs of Dover and South Foreland Lighthouse is also available to purchase in the gift shop. This will guide throughout the history of the cliffs, with revelations about the use of the cliffs as Broadleas Military prison and how the cliffs contributed to us during the First World War.

For those interested in mother nature’s beauties the guidebook provides an insight into the different species of birds, butterflies and plant life among the cliffs.

For the kids

Creative colouring books are always a favourite among young children are can be purchased in the gift shop.

Bouncy balls, soft cuddly toys and quirky items provide light entertainment for the car ride home.

For bed time, try one or our story books, a light hearted fable or a book that sings is sure to send off into a blissful sleep.