Easter at Trerice

Encounter two weeks of fun when you visit Trerice during the holidays.

Cadbury Egg Hunt

Once again the Cadbury Bunny has hidden precious choccy bunnies across Britain. Now it’s up to you and your family to find them by joining the Cadbury Egg Hunt! 
To make sure you have loads of fun along the way, take a map and follow the clues to point you in the right direction, a delicious treat will be waiting for you at the end!

£2 per Hunt

Thursday 13 April to Monday 17 April, 11am - 5pm (last trails sold 4:30)

Cadbury Egg Hunts logo

Cadbury Egg Hunts near you

How many Egg Hunts will you complete?

Plant it, grow it, eat it

Release your green fingers this holiday and tick off one of your 50 things to do before 11 ¾.

Take inspiration from the garden and on the 1, 2, 7*, 8, 22*, and 23* April create your own edible knot garden or join the gardening team on the 4 and 11 April for planting in the vegetable patch.

Growing green fingers
Children planting seeds

Conservation Heroes

Looking after special places is our most important job, and we always want your help. Have a go a creating your own dosimeter on the 9, 12 and 18* April, which the conservation team use to check light damage to the collection.

Sail away with us

Make, decorate and race your own paper sailboat at Trerice this Easter. On 3, 5, 6* and 10 April see who has the most puff to win in this summer favourite.

Don't miss...

our popular costume day on Monday 17 April, 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm, where you get treated like royalty.

Tudor costume days are a family event
Family enjoying trying on Tudor costume

*Due to unforeseen circumstances boat racing on 6 April Dosimeter making on 18 April and Plant it, grow it, eat it on 7, 22 & 23 April are cancelled.