Getting muddy in the garden

A shovel in the ground

Over the winter there are going to be a few changes made to the garden to improve its presentation and to help maintain it.

The front court

It is here that most of the work in the garden is going to be happening. It has been a while since it was last replanted and a new colour scheme is goint to be used to complement the knot garden.

Spreading the homemade mulch
Gardeners in the front court
Spreading the homemade mulch

There is also going to be some major landscaping work taking place to help improve the drainage of the garden is this area.

Regular visitors to Trerice will be awrare of the muddy slick that forms on the long walk over the wetter months.

The vegetable patch

Our new gardener-in-charge (Viv) is keen to make the most of having a vegetable patch in the garden.

Over the next few months the garden team will be extending the exsisting vegtable plots and working with the catering team to grow vegetables that are used in their receipes.

Growing what we eat
chard growing in a vegetable patch
Growing what we eat

New fencing will also be going in around the vegetable patch.

Make sure you pop in at the weekends in November and December when we are open to see how it is developing.