Stay outside and play

Children playing a game of Cornish Kayles at Trerice

With games and a garden to enjoy outside this autumn, you won't have an excuse to go back indoors.

Play on the lawn

Throw yourself in to a game of Kayling, a Cornish version of skittles. Whether you are big or small we have sets to entertain everyone.

Have a go at a game of Slapcock, the original badminton. Play as a pair or in a group of four, try not to let the slapcock fall to the floor.

Improve your aim by playing Quoits, see how many rings you can hook over the stand.

Whose's going to hit it first
Playing slapcock at Trerice
Whose's going to hit it first

Get lost in the garden

Be confused by the twists and turns of this Elizabethan favourite, the turf maze. Will you find your way out?

Find out what vegtables grow in the autumn in the vegtable patch.

Enjoy the last of the flowers along the blue and white walk.

Pick an apple and tick off one of your 50 things to do before 11 ¾.

Getting apples while they are ripe
Kids playing arounf an apple tree
Getting apples while they are ripe

Learn the secret

Will you find the hidden passage in the garden?