Summer in the garden

Purple alliums in the knot garden with the summer house behind

Summer sees Trerice become a haven for pollinators as flowers bloom throughout the borders and formal knot garden.

Knot garden

In the knot garden purple alliums welcome summer to Trerice, standing tall above the yew hedges. The alliums are swiftly followed by the soft scent of the flowering lavender ‘Silver Mist’ and, in early August, Origanum ‘Herrenhausen’ will bloom.



The borders at Trerice begin to buzz as pollinators make their way through the beds harvesting as much pollen as they can. Particular highlights include Echium vulgare and Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’, both of which are very popular with the day flying hummingbird hawk moth often found in the Trerice garden on a sunny late afternoon.

Bee at Trerice with Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'
Bee and Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'
Bee at Trerice with Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'

The potager

Willow frames, built by garden volunteers, bloom with sweet peas as they rise up from the no-dig beds that send organic produce to the food and beverage team in the barn restaurant. Towards the end of August apples begin to ripen around the knot garden ready for the coming harvest.


The mowhay

In the mowhay the late spring rains have left the turf maze flourishing and mown paths lead to more activities and games. Long sections of grass remain full of nettles, brambles and wildflowers that are a haven for the wildlife we share this special space with.