Tales from the garden

The blue and white boarder in winter

Over the winter the garden team have been busy making a few changes in the garden ready for the new season.

The biggest change in the garden is the improvement of the vegetable patch. A new fence has gone in and is almost finished along with the extension of the planting beds. This is going to allow for more produce to be grown, which kitchen staff will be able to use to make delicious dishes in the barn restaurant.

Fresh fencing for the new season
New fencing around the vegetable patch

Other changes are the planting scheme in the Front Court. Seeing the results of this change will be a year long event, as the new plants will bloom a different times through out the year.

Pots ready for planting
Pots of plants in the Front Court

The garden team have also been busy spreading mulch, which has been made here at Trerice, over the flower-beds to give those extra nutrients to the plants.

Spreading the homemade mulch
Gardeners in the front court

Apart from all the changes that have taken place there is still all the usual blooms that you would expect for this time of year, especially some beautiful examples of snowdrops, cyclamen coum and even the first daffodils of the year.

Pure white beauty