50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ at Uppark

Playing with leaves at Uppark House, West Sussex

Adventure awaits this autumn at Uppark where you can discover some of the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾. Our gardens and woodland provide an excellent opportunity to complete many of the fun and thrilling outdoor experiences. We have detailed some examples below and encourage budding young adventurers to find even more.


Our hilltop location combined with an autumn gust is a great opportunity to fly a kite.  You can also create your own kite in the scrapbook.

With welly boots and raincoats to the ready why not have a splash and run around in the rain.

Don’t forget to takes photos to put in your scrapbook, or upload to the 50 things app.


If you find a fallen branch this will help you to make a trail with sticks.  Your trail could lead others from the woodland through to the gardens or lawns.

If you like getting you hands dirty why not find some mud and make a mud pie for adventure #13. Muddy hands can be washed in the toilets next to the visitor reception.

Run around in the rain
Run around in the rain at Uppark House, West Sussex
Run around in the rain


The woodland is home to lots of creatures which for the brave is the chance to hold a scary beast.   Perhaps after your adventure you can draw a picture of a beast in your scrapbook.  

Look at the page for #25 which will give you instructions on how to make a grass trumpet.

Stickers are available for all activities that you have completed in your scrapbook.  You can collect these from visitor reception.


Keen trackers will have the chance to hunt for bugs or to track a wild animal.  Autumn is a great time to spot wild deer that are widespread this time of the year.

Find a tree that is shedding its leaves and you can complete #33.  You may be able to catch leaves from a variety of trees all with different shapes, colours and smells.  Attach the leaves to your scrapbook for future reference.


Look around the woodland and garden and you may spot different species of birds for adventure #44. Don’t forget to note down what birds you have seen. If you have them, binoculars will be handy for this task.

After your adventure

Recover from your adventure in our café serving hot food  and refreshments  with  stunning views across the South Downs.

If you want to continue and find even more of the 50 things why not visit nearby Harting Down.

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Autumn fun for families at Uppark

We've extended our autumn trail to run until 24 November. So, if you missed the chance to take part during October half term, there's still a chance to do so!