Victorian country house Christmas party at Uppark

This article was about our Christmas activities at Uppark in 2017. We’ll be updating this with 2018 event information later on in the year. Please go to our main Uppark homepage to find out what we're doing this year.

You are invited to Lady Fetherstonhaugh's sparkling Christmas house party at Uppark this festive season. Explore the Victorian festivities above and below stairs as the household celebrates in style.

Saturday 2 December - Monday 1 January 2018

Mr. Lambert, the butler, and the rest of the Uppark household welcome you back in time as we celebrate a Victorian Christmas. The servants have been working hard preparing the most elegant Christmas the lady of the house could wish for. 

Uppark's servants invite you to a country house Christmas party
Man dressed as Victorian butler hanging wreath on front door

The housekeeper, Mrs. Wells, has even allowed the household staff to decorate below stairs and the servants are beginning to wind-down after a busy Christmas party for her ladyship's guests and enjoy the festive season themselves.

Uppark's servants invite you to a Victorian country house Christmas
Victorian housemaid decorates a mantepiece with Christmas decorations, with Christmas tree in background

New for 2017

Discover beautifully detailed mannequins designed and created by Denise Watson of Delicarta - bringing paper to life. See the servants clearing up after the party in the servants' quarters before sneaking up to the dining room to see how the ladies and gentlemen of the house are faring after their lavish Christmas party.

Discover the intricate detailing of Denise Watson's work
Close up of paper cloth created by artist Denise Watson of Delecarta for Uppark's Christmas 2017 West Sussex

Denise is an expert in historical and theatrical costume design. Her love of theatre and fashion design come together in her intricate paper mannequins, which enthral, delight and entertain in equal measures.

The artist spends months working on the details
Artist, Denise Watson working on Uppark's 2017 Christmas

Take a closer look and feel at Denise’s materials and techniques, with our moodboards and swatches.