The garden this winter at Uppark

The house at Uppark in the morning frost, West Sussex

Blow away the cobwebs and enjoy a refreshing walk in a frosty garden. Stroll through the gardens and take in the tranquil landscape across the South Downs then cosy up in the café with some delicious winter warmers.

In winter, as the leaves have fallen of the trees and many shurbs lay dormant waiting for the first signs of spring, you are able to clearly see the design of the garden laid out by the famous garden designers of the day.

Spikes of hoar frost on the main gates of Uppark
Hoar frost on Golden Gate at Uppark

The garden you see today is a mixture of work from prominent garden designers ‘Capability’ Brown and Humphry Repton, created c.1810 for Uppark’s then owner Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh. Areas of the garden, such as the wide glade, are more heavily influenced by Brown rather than Repton.  

" It would appear presumptive of me to suggest any improvement or alteration to a place which possesses so many natural advantages as Uppark."
- Humphry Repton

Although not all of Repton’s plans were implemented, he is thought to be responsible for the Dairy and the Borghese vase on top of the mound at the top of the north drive as well as relocating the main approach to the house to where is it today.

Meander around the grounds before warming up in the cafe
Dairy bank in the winter at Uppark, West Sussex

The winter light, a result of the low sun, creates wonderful shadows throughout the day allowing the garden to be seen in a new perspective. Sight isn’t the only sense that benefits from the winter season; sounds are amplified around the garden due to the lack of leaves.
The garden itself is quitter, with fewer visitors enjoying the place, and so you are more likely to see some of Britain’s native species of birds.

The views across the South Downs are stunning throughout the year
Sun rising over the frost in the south meadow at Uppark, West Sussex

Head out to the south meadow and you will see panoramic views over a wooded landscape, which on clear days takes in the Isle of Wight

Once you have explored the grounds, warm up in the house, exploring the world of the Victorian servants then treat yourself to some hearty food in the café. Your support has helped our garden team restore several flower beds around the garden, which will show vibrant spring colour next year.