The gardens at Uppark

There is plenty to discover in the gardens at Uppark. With something of interest throughout the year, enjoy the soft herbaceous perennials in the summer and lovely autumn colour later on in the year.

18th-century carved Gothick seat in Uppark's gardens
18th-century carved Gothick seat in Uppark's gardens
The garden you see today is a mixture of work from prominent garden designers ‘Capability’ Brown and Humphry Repton, created c.1810 for Uppark’s then owner Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh.
" It would appear presumptive of me to suggest any improvement or alteration to a place which possesses so many natural advantages as Uppark."
- Humphry Repton
Areas of the garden, such as the wide glade, are more heavily influenced by Brown rather than Repton.  Although not all of Repton’s plans were implemented, he is thought to be responsible for the Dairy and the Borghese vase on top of the mound at the top of the north drive as well as relocating the main approach to the house to where is it today.
Explore the grounds and discover delights like the coded urn
Coded Urn in the gardens at Uppark, West Sussex

Something to see every season

Visit us in the spring to see displays of daffodils by the café and hyacinths in the tea garden. In April and May, crown imperials and yellow rattle start to come out in stunning displays in the meadow.
By early summer the meadow is at its peak, full of wildflowers like pretty lilac-blue field scabious and ox-eye daisies. Grass paths are cut through the meadow so that you can wander right into its heart, and enjoy picnicking or simply listening to the hum of insects in the summer sun.  
Flower-filled garden meadow at Uppark
Flower-filled garden meadow at Uppark
Summer is also the time when our herbaceous borders are brimming with roses and scented plants such as Mock Orange (Philadelphus) come into full bloom.  
Don’t miss Autumn as the Norway maple (Acer platanoides) trees leading down to the house turn gold.
Keep an eye out for Christmas roses, snowdrops and the blue Siberian squills. 
Flowers such as dahlias are just as stunning after the rain
Dahlia after the rain

Our top picnic spots

There are some great picnic spots at Uppark.  Here are the team's top picks:

  • The Gothic Seat - a great sheltered space to sit back and enjoy the views out to the South Downs.
  • The South Meadow - the meadow is a great place for families to run around and spread out. Pitch up for the day, borrow our lawn games from the toy chests and enjoy your picnic amongst the wild flowers.
  • Take in the peaceful surroundings of the garden behind the East Pavilion, find a sunny spot and relax on the lawns.
Pack a perfect picnic
Smiling older man with picnic basket