The secondhand bookshop at Uppark

Wooden shelves stacked with second-hand books and a china jug

A tucked away bookshop filled with hidden gems. The proceeds from the sales of the books help fund the historic path network project.

The bookshop

Located in the orangery next to our cafe, our secondhand bookshop is a hidden gem for those who find it.

From fiction and crime to gardening and natural history - hundreds of titles are regularly updated, including a collection of rare edition and signed books. Since the bookshop opened in 2019,  we've sold almost 1500 books, raising over £5,300 for the Historic Path Network Project. 

Whichever book you do decide to purchase, we ask you to make a small donation. The money you put in goes directly towards funding the historic paths network, a conservation project at the heart of the estates gardens.

Book donations appreciated

We rely on donations from our visitors to keep the bookshop ticking over. Perhaps before your next visit, have a rummage through your library at home and see if there's a few titles you'd be happy to part with. You can leave donations of books at Visitor Reception.


The project you're supporting

Archaeological dig for the historic paths at Uppark, West Sussex

Restoring Uppark's historic path network

We're embarking on a project to restore our historic network of paths through our Repton-era garden.