Wildlife to spot at Uppark

A Robin resting on a fence post

You may not always see it but Uppark has lots of fascinating flora and fauna. There are bats and doormice, buzzards and many other nesting birds. The estate is also home to around a hundred species of lichen. If you are very lucky you may see a brown hare on the south meadow lying very low and still.

Woodland habitat

Follow our woodland walk and enjoy our marvellous beech trees in all seasons. It is steep in places so do wear appropriate footwear. The piles of wood and 'dead hedges' are great for encouraging small mammals and insects to visit.

On the wing

Every year a female mallard raises a brood of ducklings. Look out for the swallows as they swoop across the meadow in the summer and the cheeky chaffinches by the restaurant.

House guests

Explore the tunnels under Uppark where our shrews and frogs live and our bats hibernate in the winter.

Wild flowers

Depending on the time of year you can see a variety of wild flowers including fritillaries, field scabious and yellow rattle on the south meadow. Orchids, soapwort, red campion and greater stitchwort can all be found in the woodland.

Lovely lichen

We are very proud of our many species of lichen at Uppark. Look out for colourful lichen on the columns of the house, stonework and the trees as you walk around.


Brown long-eared bats roost in the roof space of the house during the summer months. Common pipistrelles and other species have also been found here.