Open Cabinet Week at Uppark

From 7-13 June, 11am to 4pm, visit the house at Uppark for a rare glimpse inside selected items, usually closed to the public. The below is a sample of some of the items you'll be able to see open on your visit.

The New Gold Medal Eagle range with copper pans and utensils in the Kitchen at Uppark, West Sussex

In 1895, Colonel Turnour-Fetherstonhaugh had this impressive New Gold Medal Eagle Range installed. It was the height of modern cooking, boasting a double oven and hob, cast iron range and warming shelf.

A 19th century mahogany pot cupboard

Antique pot cupboards were used in mansion house bedrooms to hold the chamber pot and seal off unpleasant odours. This discreet piece is usually closed meaning, to the unsuspecting eye, it looks like no more than a simple nightstand.

A bell system dating from 1874 to 1893, made from brass and iron

As the British country house grew in size from the 18th century onward, new methods of communication were used by members of the household to summon servants from distant quarters.

A cascade of small drawers open on the Pagoda cabinet

The Pagoda Cabinet

Although thought to have been commissioned by Sir Matthew circa 1755, it's likely he would have brought back some of the medallions from Italy. Despite the Chinese style, this piece was in fact made in England, although little record exists of exactly who by.

Upcoming events

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Thu 20 Jun 2019
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Summer of music: The Harry Strutters Jazz Band

Sun 23 Jun 2019
The Harry Strutters Hot Three return for another summer as they entertain us with their acoustic jazz.

Summer of music: Alder Valley Brass Band

Sun 07 Jul 2019
Join us for a summer afternoon of beautiful brass band tunes in the garden.

Summer holidays architecture trail

Sat 20 Jul 2019
Solve the clues to bring Uppark’s architecture to life on our fun and imaginative family trail.

Outdoor theatre: Sense and Sensibility

Sat 20 Jul 2019
Heroes, heartbreak and debonair villains, all topped off with a dashing duel in this adaptation of Jane Austen's novel from DOT Productions.

Summer of music: The Nadina String Quartet

Sun 04 Aug 2019
The Nadina String Quartet fill the summer air with beautiful string quartet arrangements.