Open Cabinet Week at Uppark

From 4 - 10 October, 11am to 4pm, visit the house at Uppark for a rare glimpse inside selected collection items, usually closed to the public. The below is a sample of some of the items you'll be able to see open on your visit.

Lacquer Cabinet

Lacquer Cabinet

This cabinet was made in England in the early half of the 19th century. The two doors and side panels are decorated in black, gold and vermillion with birds and flowers in a landscape setting. Inside there are numerous drawers decorated with Chinoiserie scenes.

Iron fish kettle with lid

Lift the lid on the Fish Kettle

A fish kettle is a large, oval-shaped kettle used for cooking whole fish. These kettles usually have racks and handles, and notably tight-fitting lids. In Victorian times fish was in plentiful supply and throughout the year cooks looked forward to seasonal variations in the daily catch. Over the festive period fish such as Brill, Cod, John Dory, Skate, Turbot and Whiting were prepared.

Mahogany wine cabinet

Wine Cabinet

A mahogany side cabinet, circa 1775, from a pair, with a rectangular veneered top. The pair of cabinets were intended for the dining room. They are both lined with led to the interior as "coolers". One cabinet opening with the single door to a cupboard surmounted by a sliding tray, the other cabinet opening with an hinged top to a deep compartment.