Uppark's must-see collection

Many of Uppark's most impressive items were collected by Sir Matthew Fetherstonhaugh during his Grand Tour of Europe. Here are some of the beautiful items that our house team looks after inside the mansion.

A cascade of small drawers open on the Pagoda cabinet

The Pagoda Cabinet

Although thought to have been commissioned by Sir Matthew circa 1755, it's likely he would have brought back some of the medallions from Italy. Despite the Chinese style, this piece was in fact made in England, although little record exists of exactly who by.

Scagliola table top with landscape and flowers at Uppark, West Sussex, by Pietro Belloni Vallombrosano Fiorentino 1754

Scagliola table top

One of a pair of tables made by the monk Don Pietro Belloni in 1754. The top is made from Florentine scagliola, mounted on Rococo-style white and gilt-wood legs attributed to John Bladwell. Only half a dozen of these tables are known to exist, all of which were commissioned by Sir Matthew or his friends.

Ormolu-mounted Regence bureau plat, or writing table, dated 1705, in the Saloon at Uppark, West Sussex

Andre-Charles Boulle bureau

Made circa 1710-1720 by Andre-Charles Boulle from oak veneered with ebony with fine marquetry, inlaid foliate tortoiseshell and gilt-tooled leather writing surface.

Red Drawing Room at Uppark, West Sussex, with a pair of giltwood pier-glass of c1755 in the rococo style

Giltwood pier glass

A pair of giltwood pier-glasses made circa 1760, and attributed to Matthias Lock. Both were severely damaged in the fire of 1989, one of which had to have the bottom section cut away and a new re-carving integrated.

Meekness by Pompeo Batoni at Uppark, West Sussex

Meekness by Batoni

A depiction of one of the eight Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount - "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth" - by Pompeo Girolamo Batoni, and commissioned by Sir Matthew in 1752. Its companion, Purity of Heart, is also at Uppark.

The dolls' house at Uppark, West Sussex

18th century dolls' house

Made circa 1730 and brought to Uppark by Sarah Lethieullier after her marriage to Sir Matthew Fetherstonhaugh, it is one of the most important eighteenth century dolls' houses in the country.