Our Work at Uppark House and Garden

With your help, we've undertaken a number of conservation projects at Uppark, aimed at ensuring our beautiful house and gardens stay special for ever, for everyone.

Scaffolding at Uppark, West Sussex

Why is there scaffolding at Uppark? 

We're always working to preserve our special places, and that's why you might see a few scaffold structures on your next visit to Uppark.

18th century commode showing cracks prior to restoration at Uppark, West Sussex

Restoring our 18th century commodes 

We've recently restored our 18th-century lacquered commodes, originally commissioned as a pair by Sir Matthew Fetherstonhaugh, who bought Uppark in 1747.

Archaeological dig for the historic paths at Uppark, West Sussex

Restoring Uppark's historic path network 

We're embarking on a project to restore our historic network of paths through our Repton-era garden.