See the garden from a different angle this spring

Daffodils carpeting Upton's Quiet Orchard in spring

Grab your loved ones and enjoy the crisp air with us at Upton House and Gardens - from intimate garden walks to countryside ambles with sweeping views.

Seasonal perimeter walk

Whilst our excellent garden team is carrying out critical conservation work on some of the main areas of the grounds, we have designed an alternative route around lesser-known areas of the estate for you to enjoy when you visit.

The perimeter walk has been created to show areas of interest during each of the seasons. It also allows the more sensitive parts of the garden to rest and recuperate ready for the summer.

With a variety of plants and trees blossoming at different times, this walk can be visited again and again during the winter months. There are a few different ways you can enjoy this walk.

Starting from reception

The Woodland Walk is an excellent way to get down to the main gardens and house whilst enjoying some nature. 

A toddler enjoying playing in the mud on the woodland walk

Upton's woodland walk

Come and explore our Woodland Walk. Discover exciting wildlife while climbing over logs, through tunnels and around tree stumps.

Starting from the orchard

Take five minutes to immerse yourself in nature in our designated silent space. Switch off your phones and see what you can see, hear and smell. Our naturalised orchard is the perfect place to spot some of the amazing birds that nest here through the winter. Moving into spring, whole hosts of golden daffodils begin to carpet the ground, painting a beautiful, peaceful scene. We leave the autumn fruits on the ground to allow wildlife to feed as they would in the wild. This encourages a rich variety of animals into the space, so do keep your eyes and ears open.

From here, take the tree-lined path down around the edge of the lawn towards the wild garden. This beautiful, shaded walkway gives you a glimpse into how serving staff would have moved around the grounds in the 1930s. As this path is hidden from view, staff could walk freely up and down it.

Keep following the path until you come to a split: the right-hand route would take you towards an archway into the aster border (which looks spectacular in the autumn), instead, veer left here towards the gate into the wild garden.

Where the wild things are

The wild garden is a truly peaceful place. This is one of the only areas of the main gardens that is mostly naturalised. Some historic features have been added in recent years to reflect the vision that Kitty Lloyd Jones and the Bearsteds had for the gardens in the 1930s. If you're a fan of snowdrops and daffodils, this is the place to come! Hundreds of bulbs come to life through the winter and spring on the grassy areas here; a spectacle not to be missed!

The wild garden opens up to reveal the mirror pool; a haven for water birds and dragonflies. In the winter, this wide expanse of water reflects the frosty trees and plants of the borders.

The first early herbaceous border will open when it comes into flower in early spring. All other areas will open as the year goes on.