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No. 28 Climb a huge hill

Father and sons climbing the bank of the stone circle at Avebury, Wiltshire
Climbing a hill at Avebury | © National Trust Images/David Levenson

Climbing a huge hill might seem really tiring, but once you've reached the top, think about how much fun you'll have coming down. Get your strong legs and your game face on, for no. 28 of our ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’.

Climbing up the hill

Climbing a huge hill gives you the chance to also enjoy No.2 Roll down a really big hill. So, it's definitely one worth doing. But it's not all about the rolling down the hill after you've climbed it - getting to the top is pretty special as well.

When you're climbing to the top of a really huge hill it might feel like your lungs are screaming and that you're never going to make it. But if you take it slowly and have lots of drinks and snacks, you'll be fine.

What you need

  • A huge hill
  • A footpath to take you to the top easily
  • Trainers or boots as you'll be doing some serious walking. Flip flops won't work.

Enjoy the climb

On the way up the hill, look out for wildlife beneath your feet and in the sky - you'll be amazed at what you can find living on a hill.

Feel your breath as it goes in and out. How does it change, the higher up you go? What about when you finish your climb and finally stop?

Make sure you take time to enjoy your view when you reach the top. What can you see and hear that you couldn't when you were at the bottom? You're king of the castle now, but there's only one way to go after you reach the top... enjoy the ride.

Top tips

  • Check with an adult before you set off and be aware of edges and drops as you climb.
  • Taking friends and family with you is a great way to make this challenge go even quicker, as you'll probably spend the whole time talking.
  • Don't forget to see how far you can see once you've got to the top of the hill. Hills usually offer spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.
  • If you're planning to roll down your hill when you get to the top, check with an adult before you go. It's best to take a look around for anything hard or prickly that might hurt you too.
Two girls exploring the woodland trails at Quarry Bank Mill, Cheshire

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