Experience, escape, enjoy. Take your pick from a range of activities in the landscapes we care for - it's easy to make the most of being outdoors with us.

Exercise al fresco

Go for a run while experiencing the breathtaking views of Cheddar Gorge

Go for a run while experiencing the breathtaking views of Cheddar Gorge

No gym can compete with the great outdoors when it comes to fresh air, incredible views and a real sense of freedom and, now spring's here, it's the perfect time to swap the treadmill for a trail. From runs with incredible views to places you can hire bikes or simply somewhere to enjoy a spring walk, we’ve got the lot.

Sports for sceptics

Not the sporty type? Not convinced that exercising outdoors is for you? At these places there are so many activities to choose from that you're guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.


With a range of trails designed by our team of rangers, our routes are a great way to discover nature and history, There is also range of difficulty levels and distances to choose from.


We know that exploring is brilliant by bike, and we welcome cyclists to enjoy our landscapes. Our estates are for cycling allowing you to get off-road, and deep into beautiful countryside.


We host regular parkruns, occasional races, sporting events and just miles and miles of great tracks for you to explore - and all with views that no gym could hope to compete with.


Get out on the water and enjoy amazing surroundings from your canoe or kayak. We care for some of the best paddling spots in the country including lakes, canals, estuaries and coast.


With over 700 miles of coastline under our care, it's little wonder that we look after some of Britain's most exhilarating surf spots.


Geocaching is a great way to combine technology with a good old fashioned treasure hunt. Head out with the family and a GPS device to discover hidden treasure in loads of our places.