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Things to do at Bickerton Hill

Highland cow at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire
Highland cow at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire | © National Trust Images/Phil Neagle

With 91 hectares to explore, Bickerton Hill is a perfect place to find peace and solitude. But there's lots to see and do here too. Make sure you stop to discover the remains of Maiden Castle - the fort ruins that date back to the Iron Age. Keep an eye out for the ranger and volunteers working hard on the lowland heath regeneration.

Count the counties

Climb to the summit of Bickerton Hill for unrivalled views across the Cheshire Plain. On a clear day you can see across nine different counties and over the Welsh mountains.

Close up of moss in the sunlight at Bickerton Hill
Moss at Bickerton Hill | © NTI images/Phil Neagle

See the rangers and volunteers at work

The Cheshire West rangers carry out work at Bickerton, alongside a small team of volunteers. They work on a variety of tasks across the hill, including working closely with a grazier and his hardy, traditional breed – Galloway cattle.

The cattle graze the site to maintain the precious, natural heathland vegetation and prevent birch seedlings from becoming established.

Visit Maiden Castle

You can see the dramatic red sandstone of the area all across the landscape. Maiden Castle is an Iron Age fort which lies at the highest point of Bickerton Hill, 212m above sea level. Now a Scheduled Ancient Monument of national importance, the castle was built at Bickerton between 500 and 600 BC and was probably still occupied when the Romans arrived in Britain.

The whole site would have been a bustling settlement with stone and timber buildings, trackways and livestock enclosures. Today you can still see the two semi-circular ramparts that were used to defend the settlement.

Common lizard at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire
Common lizard at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire | © National Trust Images/Phil Neagle

Ramble through Bickerton Hill’s Lowland Heath

Bickerton is one of the few remaining lowland heaths in Cheshire. Discover its wild and rugged tranquillity, with open heath, woodland, and expansive views towards distant hills. It’s a popular spot with dog walkers and those walking the Sandstone Trail.

It has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its lowland heath plants and wildlife. In addition to the SSSI, its Hether Wood is a Site of Biological Importance and a great place to find a quiet spot to walk in amongst the sweet chestnut, birch, oak, rowan and beech trees.

Horse riding at Bickerton Hill

If you wish to ride your horse at Bickerton Hill, you must obtain a license from us first. Please email to begin the process.

Once you have received your license, you are very welcome to ride at Bickerton Hill. However, we ask that you are respectful of the landscape and keep an eye out for any changes to routes that might occur.

Occasionally areas may have to be closed for limited periods. Sometimes work is noisy and you should stay alert when you approach the vicinity of any work.

Wherever any work is under way, the rangers or contractors are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of visitors. Various measures are put in place which may include signs and safety barriers.

To enquire about horse riding licences please email

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Highland cow at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire

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