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A view of a stag with large antlers in the deer sanctuary with a large fortress like folly in the background at Lyme, Cheshire
A view of the deer sanctuary with The Cage in the background at Lyme, Cheshire | © Victoria Baker
Cheshire & Greater Manchester

Step free cage and deer sanctuary view walk at Lyme

This enjoyable linear walk to East Lodge will reward you with memorable views of The Cage, deer sanctuary and surrounding area whatever the weather. This step free route is designed for people wanting a flat, gentle walk or travelling with a prams. This route is also suitable for cyclists (N.B the path after East Lodge outside of Lyme's estate is a footpath by Cheshire East, not designated for cycling).

Step free notes

This walk is partially road and partially dirt path and has been tested and designed for prams and outdoor mobility scooters. The dirt path is compacted with gravel in areas which makes it unsuitable for standard wheelchairs. In poor conditions this path may not be suitable for mobility scooters as it can be muddy with large puddles.

Total steps: 7

Total steps: 7

Start point

The car park at Lyme

Step 1

Facing the house with the car park behind you and the kiosk at your left follow the path up the hill towards the house.

Step 2

At the top of the hill with the house to your back continue on the road that bends to the right hand side.

A picture of a road, with a waymarker indicating to the right
With the house to your back, continue on the road that curves to the right | © Victoria Baker

Step 3

You will come to a fork in the road, take a left.

A picture of a road with options to go left and right at Lyme, Cheshire. To the left is towards East Lodge, to the right is the stables, a stone stableblock which is closed to visitors.
Take a left at the stables | © Victoria Baker

Step 4

Carry on to the left for views of The Cage

An image of the road to East Lodge, at Lyme Cheshire. The road forks and the sign reads: Staff and Volunteer cars only past this point.
Keep left and continue on the road | © Victoria Baker

Step 5

Continue on this road to see views of The Cage

Continue for views of The Cage against the Manchester and Cheshire countryside
Continue for views of The Cage against the Manchester and Cheshire countryside | © Victoria Baker

Step 6

Look left on this path down in to the deer sanctuary. Arguably the best place to spot deer in the estate, this is where the deer go to retreat from visitor areas of the park. The deer are easily startled so please give them plenty of space and keep your dog on a close lead in this area.

The deer sanctuary at Lyme, Cheshire
Step 6 | © Victoria Baker

Step 7

You are now at the eastern boundary of Lyme's estate. To return to the car park, follow the way you came for more views of The Cage and the Manchester and Cheshire countryside.

You now find yourself at East Lodge and at the end of the linear trail. Turn around and head back for more views of The Cage, Deer and Cheshire and Manchester.
You now find yourself at East Lodge and at the end of the linear trail. Turn around and head back for more views of The Cage, Deer and Cheshire and Manchester. | © Victora Baker

End point

As this route is linear where you end is up to you. Why not stop at the house to step back in time or see the changing seasons in the garden? Or, if you're looking for another gentle walk, why not try the mill pond loop and stop for a light refeshment at the Timber Yard Café?

Trail map

The Cage and Deer Sanctuary walk map
Follow this map to help guide you on your walk | © National Trust / Countryscape

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